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How to manage and prevent dry, cracked heels this summer.

With the oncoming summer weather it is time to unveil our feet for all to see (and often judge) as we leave our closed-in winter shoes for sandals and thongs. Our feet are a good indicator of our general health and reflect our vascular, neurological and immunological status, providing your Podiatrist with early warning signs of poor health. The feet are the last part of the body to be reached by the blood vessels and nerves and therefore will be one of the first areas to show signs of neurovascular diseases such as diabetes. Our skin is the largest organ in the body and relies on good health to maintain its integrity. Adelaide’s hot, dry weather and water quality are very harsh for our skin and if not cared for properly, the skin can dry out and crack, creating an opportunity for infection.

Caring for your feet and preventing unsightly callus and fissuring is simple if your feet are well maintained. At PodSquared Podiatry we assess our clients individual needs and health status before recommending the most suitable programme of care to maintain good skin integrity through the summer months.

Callus will naturally build up around the heels as you wear open heeled shoes or sandals through summer. If the callus is allowed to become too thick it will split right down to the delicate skin underneath. These deep cracks (fissures) are painful, often bleed and can be the site of infection.

Simple home care should involve daily inspection of your feet, regular, gentle exfoliation and daily application of a suitable moisturiser. Your Podiatrist can advise you on the best combination of treatment and type of moisturising cream to provide the best results for your feet and overall foot health.

If your feet need some attention or just some simple professional advice to be “summer ready”, contact us for an appointment.

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