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Biomechanics is an important aspect of our clinical practice. As Podiatrists, we assess our clients gait and posture, looking for weaknesses or imbalances that may be creating or contributing to the presentation of symptoms. 

At PodSquared, we use a computerised video gait analysis system to allow an accurate observation of your gait and stance. By observing how our clients stand and walk we can identify points of stress and therefore design treatment plans to resolve these issues. There are a large range of treatments available including stretching, exercises, manipulation, dry needling/acupuncture and orthotic therapy.

Orthoses are commonly prescribed by Podiatrists to alter or control an aspect of stance or gait within the biomechanical chain. Through education and experience we are able to prescribe and design orthoses that fit to your shoes, are comfortable to wear and perform as designed.
Unlike most clinics, our custom orthoses are designed in-house by your podiatrist, ensuring each device is as individual as you and tailored to your specific needs. We also have a full sized orthotic laboratory on site, which means that any adjustments and cover changes can be made without having to send your orthoses away.