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Diabetes is a condition where insulin is either not produced or recognised by the body. This causes the glucose in the blood to increase, creating many harmful effects to the body if not properly monitored or managed. The early onset of complications can be detected in areas of the body with small blood vessels, such as the eyes and feet. Because your feet are furthest from your heart, they are the last place to be nourished by the blood and the first to show signs of disease when there is insufficient flow of blood.

In the feet, diabetes can cause decreased blood flow and sensation which can then lead to an increase in injuries, infections, longer healing times, pain, ulcers and in some cases amputation. Proper assessment, care and management by your Podiatrist can prevent the development of serious complications associated with Diabetes.

It is recommended that everyone who has been diagnosed with Diabetes have their feet checked regularly. This is important to assess any changes in blood flow, sensation, skin integrity and overall foot health. Any problems identified can then be managed. If you have been diagnosed with Diabetes, you should have your feet assessed every 6 months.

If you have any questions about diabetes and your feet, make a time with one our podiatrists who will be happy to answer any of your concerns.