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Principal Podiatrist & Acupuncturist

Brenton Bowen

B.App.Sc.(Pod), M.App.Sc.(Acu), Australian Podiatry Association Member

Brenton graduated from the South Australian Institue of Technology in 1989. After working at Flinders Medical Centre and Aged Care Homes, Brenton moved to private practice to explore his interest in postural mechanics and the influence of the spine and pelvis on the legs and feet.

After exploring manipulative, biomechanical and advanced orthotic techniques, Brenton and his partners continued to innovate the profession with the introduction of video gait and computer generated orthotic systems. These are now becoming commonplace in many practices.

After gaining a Masters Degree in Acupuncture in 2008, Brenton is now able to apply these techniques to his practice, providing a new area of interest and treatment techniques.

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