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Total Foot Health Screenings

Here at Pod Squared Podiatry Centre we offer thorough foot health screenings to help you prevent any lower limb or foot health complications.  Full assessments include medical and social history, footwear, hobbies, daily activities, biomechanical, vascular and neurological evaluations. We check your feet so you can stay happy, healthy and pain free for longer.

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General Foot Care

Some of our clients are unable to manage their own footcare due to poor eyesight, lack of flexibility, arthritis in the hands and feet or any number of conditions that limit their ability to manage their feet.

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Biomechanics & Orthoses

Biomechanics is an important aspect of our clinical practice. As Podiatrists, we assess our clients gait and posture, looking for weaknesses or imbalances that may be creating or contributing to a variety of symptoms.

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Acupuncture & Dry Needling

Brenton uses his skills to not only treat conditions of the foot and leg, but also any condition that will respond to acupuncture.

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Sports Injuries

Our computer generated orthoses and advanced diagnostic techniques allows us to produce wearable and effective orthoses that don’t affect the specific characteristics of an athlete’s footwear, allowing you to continue training and competing at your best.

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Children’s feet are not just smaller versions of adult feet. At PodSquared we can assess your child’s feet and provide advice for and treatment so that they can grow and develop normally.

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Mobilisation & Manipulation

If the joint restriction is long-standing, there can often be poor muscular control, or ligament damage. These factors are taken into consideration as your Podiatrist begins to restore function.

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Nail Surgery

Ingrown or painful toe nails can be a common problem for people of all ages. There are many reasons a nail may become painful and ingrown, these include: nail shape, poorly fitting footwear, poor hygiene or incorrect nail cutting technique.

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Diabetes Management

It is recommended that everyone who has been diagnosed with Diabetes have their feet checked regularly. This is important to assess any changes in blood flow, sensation, skin integrity and overall foot health.

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